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What We Do

What is Physiotherapy?

  • Physiotherapy is "a science-based healthcare profession, which views human movement as central to the health and well being of individuals" or "the treatment of disease, injury or deformity etc by physical methods rather than by drugs or surgery".
  • If all that sounds a little bit "heavy", basically, physiotherapy is the means of treating people’s physical conditions using different modalities; basically hands on physical treatments, exercise and rehabilitation

What do Physiotherapists Do?

  • Physiotherapists are the healthcare professionals that carry out the treating of physical conditions, diagnosing and treating people of all ages with various physical problems.
  • We work in various areas, such as musculo-skeletal (muscles and bones), neuromuscular (nerves & muscles), cardiovascular (heart & blood vessels), and respiratory (lungs).
  • The list can be endless and also includes elderly, children, psychiatry, spinal injuries, women’s health, learning difficulties, sports clubs, industry and even animals.
  • Physiotherapists usually start their work in hospitals, but some branch out into the private sector where they work with more specific problems

What Do We Do at Physiowise?

  • Here at Physiowise, we have branched out into the area of musculo-skeletal therapy, with our work mainly based around sports injuries, orthopaedic problems (backs, knees, necks etc), road traffic accidents, work related injuries and preventative medicine

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